Spartie Mascot Program


Spartie's Backstory

Spartie is a true champion! He spent most of his life traveling the world in search of great athletic events and in 2014 he learned of a very special athletic event being held in Cleveland, Ohio. After a long, wonderful journey he found himself at the coveted Hudson Relays celebration at Case Western Reserve University! He immediately fell in love with the event, the students, and the entire university and decided to make it his home.

Spartie is the strong, silent type. He is very passionate about helping CWRU students, whether it's celebrating a student group or activity, adding to their selfie collection, or even assisting them in their studies. Since Spartie’s CWRU Spirit is so contagious, Spartie spends most of his time cheering students up and attending CWRU events. Spartie can be quite affectionate and he believes in the power of the hug or a high five!

It is believed that one of the reasons Spartie is so comfortable at CWRU is because of the unique and wonderful history of the university. As we all know, this amazing university is a federation of multiple colleges and universities and it is this history that speaks to him. Upon deciding to stay at CWRU, he volunteered to serve as the sidekick to the university mascot, the CWRU Spartan. But through the years since, he has become so beloved and so special to the university community that he “merged” into the one true university mascot!

Spartie is proud to be a CWRU Spartan! He loves to dance and his secret desire is to dance with the CWRU Spartan Dance Team. He especially enjoys being invited to events all over campus so he might meet new people and participate in all kinds of celebrations from athletic to cultural events to CWRUTedTalks. There is no event that he would not enjoy!

Event Appearances

Would you like Spartie to participate in your on-campus event? The SA&L Office will be taking requests for Spartie to appear at university department and student organization events. There is no better way to show Spartan spirit then to have our beloved Spartie interacting with your audience.

Spartie’s friendly façade is perfect for close encounters with students, where a rallying icon is needed. Spartie is able to interact with guests, pull silly pranks, dress appropriately for the event (e.g. wearing purple beads during the Power of Purple kickoff event) and be a comic relief for the guests and program directors.

When Spartie is at a sporting or indoor event, a handler is needed because the mascot needs to take frequent breaks to avoid overheating and exhaustion.

Important Questions to Consider

Spartie has been one of our beloved mascots since the early '90s and has served the program with distinction. Spartie is non-verbal, a bundle of energy and also truly loves CWRU!

  • Sporting events and games (where Spartie has room to maneuver)
  • Homecoming events or other campus traditions
  • Thwing Study Over and student social events
  • Tailgates
  • Parades (a vehicle would need to be available for Spartie)

Spartie’s limitations include small areas, such as banquets or dinners where there is not enough space to maneuver. Spartie’s antics are also not appropriate for more official events, where the university should be represented in a more serious light. Spartie will not operate well outdoors on hot days since breaks will have to be far too frequent to be worthwhile.

Event requests should be made at least 2 weeks before event date.

Ready to request Spartie for your event?

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