Spartie's Snapshots

Water bottle & Card

Spartie's Snapshots allows undergraduate and graduate students to collect stickers they can later use to earn prizes in the Office of Student Activities & Leadership. The more stickers you earn, the more prizes you get! You can collect these stickers on a card provided by SA&L or on a specific Spartie's Snapshots water bottle. Most water bottles will be handed out at the Spring Student Activities Fair, but there will be a few other opportunities during the Spring 2024 semester to earn one.

  • Tier 1 Prize: 5 Stickers
  • Tier 2 Prize: 8 Stickers
  • Tier 3 Prize: 11 Stickers
  • Tier 4 Prize: 13 Stickers

Once you hit each tier, stop by the SA&L office to pick from our prizes! All prizes are first come, first serve (see prizes below). 

Note: You can only earn each sticker once. For example, you can only get one Sippin' with Spartie sticker, even if you visit Sippin' with Spartie multiple times. 

How to Earn Stickers

Some stickers are for programs within the SA&L office, some require you to participate in programs outside of the SA&L office, and others you can earn by going to events.

SA&L Program Stickers

These stickers include:

Come visit the SA&L office for free coffee, tea, or hot chocolate! 

Stop by to swap any CWRU t-shirt with any t-shirt we have in our office!

Have you taken the assessment already? Stop by our office with your assessment results to earn your sticker! If you haven't taken it yet, you can follow this link to take the assessment!

If you visit our office and participate in that program, you will earn that specific sticker.

Other Program Stickers

These stickers include:

Wear Blue CWRU attire on a Friday to show your school spirit! If you participate in BlueCWRU Fridays, you will need to fill out this form to earn the sticker.

Take a photo with Spartie the Mascot anywhere you see him around campus! If you take a photo with Spartie, you will need to fill out this form to earn the sticker.


Certain events will be advertised as sticker events, so stay up to date with CampusGroups and Instagram (@sal_cwru) to know which events will have stickers! All sticker events will be during the Spring 2024 semester. The first one is the Spring Student Activities Fair!

List of Prizes

Spartie Sticker

Temporary Tattoo



Karaoke Ball


TSO Coloring Book & Crayon Set

Face Mask

Spartie Bag


Spartie Puzzle

Various Mugs

TSO Tupperware

SA&L Lunch Bag

Personalized Go Spartans! Bear

Spartie Water Bottle

Springfest Water Bottle


Bluetooth Speaker (small)

Custom Mug