Student Leadership Week

Embark on a week of empowerment and growth at Student Leadership Week, from March 18 to March 23, 2024. Monday through Friday, from 5:00 PM to 7:00 PM, join us for stimulating talks by distinguished community experts, covering a spectrum of critical leadership topics, including:

  • Women and Political Leadership
  • Redefining the Leader’s Journey: Inspiration, Integrity, Impact
  • Overcoming Challenges: Biology-inspired Drive to Succeed
  • Inclusive Leadership and International Experiences: A Journey Into Cultural Humility
  • Tools to Lead Group Divided

As you immerse yourself in these evening week sessions, a reception with hors d’oeuvres will follow, fostering a relaxed environment for networking. 

The culmination of Student Leadership Week awaits on March 23, where our final event from 9:00 AM to 2:00 PM will feature a keynote speaker* delving into the fascinating realm of Gentelligence. This day offers a unique opportunity for personalized growth through breakout sessions led by CWRU students. Choose sessions tailored to your interests and aspirations, amplifying the impact of your Student Leadership Week experience. To fuel your day-long leadership development, a delightful breakfast and lunch will be provided.

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Meet the Speakers 

CEO & Managing Partner, Intethiq

Monday, March 18th: Redefining the Leader’s Journey: Inspiration, Integrity, Impact 

This topic explores the evolving path of leadership, emphasizing the importance of inspiration, authenticity, personal growth and making a lasting impact.  

  1. Authenticity Matters: Leaders shine when embracing vulnerability - acknowledging they don’t have all the answers fosters authenticity.
  2. Minding The Gap: Exceptional leaders thrive by assembling a team of brilliant minds - where they lack, their team excels.
  3. Enduring Influence: The shadow that a leader casts is broad and long-lasting, thereby shaping the organization’s trajectory.

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Mayor of the City of South Euclid, Ohio

Tuesday, March 19th: Women and Political Leadership

The greatest gender inequality in the world is in politics and the political status of women seems to be on the verge of a major lasting change. The change has not yet occurred and in most places it is just beginning. What is the spark that will launch your interest into becoming tomorrow's leaders! 

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Professor of Biology, Case Western Reserve University

Wednesday, March 20th: Overcoming Challenges: Biology-inspired Drive to Succeed

This talk will provide strategies and examples for overcoming difficult obstacles, addressing challenges, and for deciding when to quit.

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Director of Diversity and Strategic Initiatives Office for Diversity, Equity, and Inclusive Engagement Case Western Reserve University

Thursday, March 21st: Inclusive Leadership and International Experiences: A Journey Into Cultural Humility

From distinguishing between cultural humility and cultural competence to addressing the challenge of cultural biases, this presentation utilizes travel storytelling, practical insights, and real-world examples to empower leaders in fostering inclusive environments.

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Friday, March 22nd: Tools to Lead Groups Divided

Almost all groups have internal conflicts, and sometimes, these conflicts mean that they can accomplish less together. This session seeks to assist student leaders in bridging the divides through a dialogue process. This interactive session will look at the few recent cases examples, and share a conflict analysis tool others can use to bridge internal relationships. Internal strife is often considered private, awkward, and even "dirty laundry" that group members can't discuss publicly. This workshop is meant to bring these divides into focus in hopes of increasing your ability to lead your organization at CWRU and in your future relationships and organizations.

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Professor & Robert D. Johnson Director, The Isaac & Oxley Center for Business Leadership Director of Leadership Development, Farmer School of Business Miami University

Author of Gentelligence: The Revolutionary Approach to Leading an Intergenerational Workforce

Saturday, March 23rd: Gentelligence®: Understanding & Leveraging Generational Diversity in the Workplace

Featured in Harvard Business Review, The Washington Post, Time Magazine, NBC News, and more, Megan developed Gentelligence® to help organizations change the way they approach generational differences. Learn why the Gentelligence approach was named a Harvard Business Review Big Idea in 2022 and chosen as one of the 10 most definitive management ideas of the year in 2024! With five generations currently in the workplace, and many leaders view this dynamic as a frustration and a challenge. In this engaging session, you will learn how the strategies of Gentelligence® can help your organization leverage generational diversity as an opportunity and a competitive advantage instead. We will discuss: How to push beyond lazy stereotypes to understand generational and age differences as a valuable form of diversity. The barriers that often prevent organizations (and individuals) from intergenerational collaboration. The 4 key practices of Gentelligence and ways to apply them to workplace challenges. How to have smarter intergenerational conversations. 

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Student-Led Sessions (Saturday)

Thwing 301

Speaker: Kate Li

Kate Li is a Class of 2025 undergraduate student studying Neuroscience. Kate is also involved in Empower CWRU.

Session Topic: The Impact of Your Words: Navigating Conversations in Mental Health

This workshop will cover best practices when having a mental health conversation with someone who is in a vulnerable mental state. The words you use and how you approach the conversation can significantly impact the outcome of the conversation. At the end of the presentation, there will be an activity where students can practice implementing what they’ve learned in the presentation. Following the activity, if time permits, there will be a group discussion on takeaways and the activity.


Thwing 302

Speakers: Renee Gale Lapurga & Allison Su

Renee Gale Lapurga is a Class of 2027 undergraduate student studying Neuroscience. Renee is also involved in Case Neuroscience Society, Filipino Student Union, and Studio 300.

Allison Su is a Class of 2027 undergraduate student studying Finance and Cognitive Science.

Topic: Air that Out! Group in Conflict

Do you have what it takes to deal with and de-escalate conflicts? 

In an interactive game, a leader (you) navigates and handles the group's conflict. Can you make the right decisions to ensure these uprising internal conflicts don’t affect the entire group’s quality of work and team camaraderie? 

Key Takeaways:
- Attendees will learn how to increase their ability to be competent leaders, collaborative group members who foster strong camaraderie, and does not let personal affairs affect their work ethic.
- Attendees will learn how to address a conflict before it escalates further, essentially bridging the divide through a dialogue process.
- Attendees will learn to be assertive leaders who can communicate directly and honestly while remaining respectful.

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Thwing 201

Speaker: Malcolm Miller

Malcolm Miller is a Class of 2026 undergraduate student studying Sociology and Psychology. Malcolm is also involved in the President's Leadership Development Program.

Session Topic: Mental Health in Programming and Planning

We will begin by defining mental health in an expansive and inclusive way and identifying its importance in university environments. Then I will give suggestions for how to show consideration for mental health needs when planning a program and when working in a team. 

Takeaways: Attendees will have reflected on how prepared their organization is to accommodate the mentally ill and will leave with 2 personalized action steps to improve an organization they’re apart of through 


Thwing 301

Speakers: Haddy Dardir

Haddy Dardir is a Class of 2026 undergraduate student studying Psychology. Haddy is also involved in Refugee Outreach Collective at CWRU Undergraduate Chapter (ROC@CWRU Undergrad), National Alliance on Mental Illness at CWRU (NAMI at CWRU), CWRU for Autism Acceptance (AA), and the Steve Fund Youth Ambassador Board.

Topic: The Art of Accommodation

This workshop will cover the process and value of accommodating others as a leader. Haddy's experiences with being an accommodating leader will go as far back as accommodating student writers in their position as Editor-in-Chief of the high school newspaper up until their current leadership positions centered around mental health, particularly their positions in NAMI at CWRU and Autism Acceptance.

Attendees will learn about how much of a difference practicing accommodation as a leader can make for the better, with some benefits including strengthened relationships with your clientele, increased respect from your peers/co-workers, and preparing yourself for curveballs you may face as a leader. Also, attendees will leave the workshop with multiple tips on how to accommodate co-workers or clients in stressful situations such as a co-worker being unable to complete an important assignment on time or a client repeatedly failing to attend pre-scheduled appointments.

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Thwing 201

Speakers: Amadosi Ologunja and Rohan Jain

Amadosi Ologunja is a Class of 2026 undergraduate student studying Mechanical Engineering. Amadosi is also involved in the President's Leadership Development Program.

Rohan Jain is a Class of 2026 undergraduate student studying Psychology (pre-med). Rohan is also involved in the President's Leadership Development Program.

Session Topic: The 4 Assumptions of Leadership: Myths and Truths about Leadership

Participants will be asked, when they hear leadership what they assume or what they believe to be true about leadership. There will then be a discussion on the 4 assumptions of leadership. The group will engage in an activity and reflection revolving around the statements on leadership. Key takeaway is that there isn't just one way to view leadership. The art and practice of leadership can be seen in another perspective that you may not have realized before. 

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