Former Beckman Scholars

A number of truly exceptional undergraduates apply to be Beckman Scholars. The students chosen by the faculty selection committee are impressive in their depth of knowledge of their research topic, their plans for conducting the research and taking advantage of the Beckman Scholars Program and the manner they were able to handle questions from the faculty committee.

Read about our former Beckman Scholars whose undergraduate research achievements as well as ongoing publications are acknowledged below.

Ramona Johnson

Ramona Johnson '22

Current Affiliation/Position: Ph.D. Student, Johns Hopkins University, Immunology

Undergraduate Major: Biology

Project Title: "Characterization of the Microbial and Metabolite Effects on the epithelial Barrier Function in the Methadone-Using Populations"

Mentor: Alan D. Levine, Department of Molecular Biology and Microbiology

Sakin Kirti

Sakin Kirti '23

Undergraduate Major: Computer Science

Project Title: "Investigating the role of DPP-IV in dermal fibrosis"

Mentor: Radhika Atit, Department of Biology

Kevin Pataroque

Kevin Pataroque '21

Current Affiliation/Position: PhD Student, Environmental Engineering, Yale University

Undergraduate Major: Chemical Engineering and English

Project Title: “Degradation of perfluoroalkyl compounds by interfacial reactions between a non-equilibrium plasma and water.”

Mentor: R. Mohan Sankaran, Department of Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering

Katherine Yan

Katherine Yan '21

Current Affiliation/Position: PhD Student, Chemical Engineering, Stanford University

Undergraduate Major: Chemistry and Chemical Engineering

Project Title: “The Effect of Cyclodextrin Polymer Coatings on Protein Adsorption to Biomaterial Surfaces—Towards Prevention of Post-Surgical Adhesions.”

Mentor: Julie Renner, Department of Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering

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Lucille Hu

Lucille Hu '20

Current Affiliation/Position: Medical Student, Case Western Reserve University, School of Medicine

Additional Degrees: MPH '20, Case Western Reserve University

Undergraduate Major: Anthropology

Project title: “Investigating Methods and Mechanisms of Oligodendrocyte Restoration in Hypoxia-Induced White Matter Injury.”

Mentor: Drew Adams, Department of Genetics and Genome Science at the School of Medicine

Jeanette Sullivan

Jeanette Sullivan '20

Current Affiliation/Position:  Ph.D. Student,  University of California, Irvine, BioSciences

Undergraduate Major: Biology

Project title: “Long Non-Coding RNA Regulation of Opioid-Dependent Inhibition of CD4+ Human T Cell Activation.”

Mentor: Alan Levine, Department of Molecular Biology and Microbiology at the School of Medicine


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