Climate Champion – Tom Ligman

Climate Champion – Tom Ligman

Date Released: 14 July 2014

Every month, the CWRU Office for Sustainability takes the time to recognize individuals or groups that are making a difference by taking sustainable action and becoming Climate Champions. Know someone or a department that is making a sustainable impact on campus or beyond? Nominate someone who inspires you here

Tom Ligman holding up his bike

Currently a Server and Database Administrator for CWRU’s School of Medicine, Tom Ligman has been an employee at Case for almost ten years. In addition to keeping the networks and computers of CWRU’s School of Medicine working, Tom has become a climate champion, by biking to work almost every day, rain or shine. Tom is a member of the Bike Commuter Cabal and was recently chosen to be their new blog editor. Tom has become an ambassador for biking throughout the CWRU community, encouraging colleagues to give it a try and dispensing expert bike advice. Tom also has been and continues to be a major contributor for the CWRU workplace in the National Bike Challenge. By biking to work and encouraging others to do the same, Tom’s healthy lifestyle choice is greatly reducing his carbon footprint by eliminating the greenhouse gas emissions that driving a car would create.

Congratulations and thank you Tom Ligman for doing your part to make your world more sustainable!

Story by Morgan Bulger