Green Teams

What are Green Teams?

Sustainability is the ability to meet today’s needs without sacrificing the ability to meet the needs of tomorrow. Through collaboration and dedication, CWRU has championed sustainable initiatives surrounding energy, food, buildings, and behavior; but as our society faces global environmental and social issues like climate change and poverty, we need YOUR help. If you want to make a difference in a fun and engaging way, join one of the University’s Green Teams!

Green Teams are open to all staff, students, and faculty interested in campus greening and take a “bite size” approach, focusing on your school, college, or administrative division.  Green Teams help to raise awareness about campus sustainability, make suggestions about how to make our program better, and encourage colleagues to conserve energy, and to use less and recycle the rest.  When you join a Green Team, you’ll be joining a network of people who are working together to make our campus a healthier, happier place—one building and one department at a time.

Green Teams collaborate with the University’s Director of Sustainability.  In these meetings, we share thoughts, challenges, solutions, and come up with creative new designs. If you have big ideas and a tight schedule, a Green Team is a great way to engage with the sustainability community here on campus.

The Green Teams are school-based because each of the nine schools and colleges making up Case Western Reserve has unique needs, ways of communicating, and culture, as reflected by the people and departments who make them up. As resident experts, members of the Green Teams collaborate with the Office of Energy & Sustainability, their building manager, student organizations, and facilities services to identify and promote the adoption of more sustainable practices and policies.

For more information on your school’s Green Team, contact Director of Sustainability Stephanie Corbett.