Sustainability Champions

Annual Sustainability Champion Awards

Every year, we honor some great, green leaders on campus with our own Sustainability Champion Awards.

Nominate your Sustainability Champion for this year's award here. We'd love for you to nominate those you feel are worthy of the honor.

We strive to annually recognize a faculty member, a student, and a staff member.

Past Award Recipients

2019/ 2020 Academic Year

Faculty: Dr. Beverly Saylor, Professor of Earth, Environmental, and Planetary Sciences Department and endowed Armington Professor

Student: Maia Gallagher,  Civil Engineering, class of 2020, Sustainability House Captain (leader), former Student Sustainability Council Chair

Staff: Siu Yan Scott, School of Medicine Registrar, Master Recycler

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2018/ 2019 Academic Year

Faculty: Dr. Kurt Rhoads, Assistant Professor in the Department of Civil Engineering at CWRU and the director of the new first-year engineering experience.

Students: John Turner, MBA student who also studied at CWRU for his undergraduate degree with a dual major in Economic and Environmental Studies. He is a Fowler Family Fellowship Recipient of the Fowler Center for Business as an Agent of World Benefit. Catherine Chervenak,  Biology and Environmental Studies dual major has served as a Sustainability Ambassador with the Office of Energy & Sustainability for two years.

Staff: Sam Arlia, Mechanical Coordinator for Plumbing in the Facilities Services Department. 

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2017/ 2018 Academic Year

Faculty: Dr. Chris Laszlo, PhD, Professor of Organizational Behavior, former Executive Director of the Fowler Center, currently leading the Quantum Leadership initiative at Weatherhead. 

Students: Cara Fagerholm, fifth-year Mechanical Engineering and Environmental Studies major, member of the initial cohort living in the CWRU Sustainability House and past chair of the Student Sustainability Council (SSC). Also, Naveen Rehman, fourth-year Nutritional Biochemistry major/ Religious Studies minor, held many exec positions with CWRU’s Food Recovery Network, and instrumental in the development and expansion CWRU's Food Symposium, Sustainability Ambassador for the Office for Sustainability.

Staff: Bill Frank, CWRU Biomedical Service Engineer, recipient of the 1995 CWRU President's Distinguished Service Award.

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2016/ 2017 Academic Year

Faculty: Dr. Narcisz Fejes, SAGES professor in the CWRU College of Arts and Sciences; and faculty advisor of CWRU’s Food Recovery Network

Student: Grace Cammarn, Statistics and Environmental Studies major with a Spanish minor, Student Sustainability Council past Chair and past PR Director, former Office for Sustainability SURES intern and student worker

Staff: Brian Gray, Team Leader of Research Services at Kelvin Smith Library; Librarian of Chemical & Biomolecular Engineering and Macromolecular Science & Engineering; and Chair of the Garden@Case

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2015/ 2016 Academic Year

Faculty: Dr. Peter McCall, Earth, Environmental and Planetary Sciences professor

Students: Matt Patten and Kelly Hacker, both Mechanical Engineering majors, University Farm SURES research students

Staff: Kathleen Dowdell, Senior Administrator at the Department of Anthropology

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2014/ 2015 Academic Year

Faculty: Dr. Karen Braun, Associate Professor of Accountancy, Weatherhead School of Management

Students: Mischelle Brown, Positive Organization Development and Change graduate student and Steven Cramer, Cognitive Science and Economics major and Chair of the Student Sustainability Council

Staff: Gene Matthews, Director of Facilities Services and Kathy O’Linn, HR and Facilities Manager FPB School of Nursing and Green Team Leader

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