Climate Champions – School of Nursing

Every month, the CWRU Office for Sustainability takes the time to recognize individuals or groups that are making a difference by taking sustainable action and becoming Climate Champions. Know someone or a department that is making a sustainable impact on campus or beyond? Nominate someone who inspires you here.

Collage of pictures of Francis Payne Bolton School of Nursing

In our first highlight of Climate Champions on campus, the CWRU Office for Sustainability would like to recognize the Frances Payne Bolton School of Nursing, their Human Resources Manager Kathleen O’Linn, and the school’s Green Team for their dedication to sustainability throughout their programming.

The school has integrated a number of innovative programs and campaigns in order to fully embed sustainability throughout their work. For instance, the department purchased a full set of reusable tableware and dishes to be used for events instead of disposables. By washing and reusing these items, the School of Nursing is reducing their landfill contributions. These dishes are used for birthdays, their Food for Thought speaker series, and other department events.

Additionally, The School of Nursing’s Dean Mary Kerr has been pushing the department towards going completely digital with their records. The department purchased a shredder and started a Scan and Shred campaign to get all their paper documents onto the computer, while shredding and recycling the rooms full of files they currently had on store. By switching to digital, the School of Nursing will be moving away from creating paper files in the first place, thus saving paper.

The School of Nursing also holds “Clean Days Green Days” office clean-outs, where employees are encouraged to clean out their desks and offices, recycle where appropriate, and participate in an office Free-Cycle, where employees can exchange office supplies, decorations, and even small furniture. Kathleen O’Linn also helped to start a Kick The Can Campaign, where employees were encouraged to give up their office garbage cans, instead using the common area landfill bins, keeping only their desk-side recycling bin in their office. This campaign encouraged individuals to think about what they were sending to the landfill, as well as walking and taking breaks throughout the day, a healthy work activity.

The school’s Green Team also encourages walking through a Walk into Spring competition where employees compete in teams and track their walking. Additionally they held a art contest open to the kids of employees, the art was hung in the stairwells of the school, encouraging the use of stairs instead of elevators by employees.

Congratulations and thank you to the Frances Payne Bolton School of Nursing, Kathleen O’Linn, and the School of Nursing Green Team for all your hard work towards making your world more sustainable!

Story by Morgan Bulger