CWRU’s First Res Hall Energy Reduction Competition

Sign advertising for the dorm energy saving competition

CWRU is participating, for the first time, in a three-week national dorm energy competition to reduce electricity usage, Campus Conservation Nationals. By helping to reduce CWRU’s electricity footprint students are not only practicing for the energy-less zombie apocalypse, they are:

  • literally helping local kids that suffer from asthma and reducing heart attack rates both of which are directly tied to air pollution from Ohio’s coal fired electric plants,
  • helping the University be fiscally responsible in reducing our 20 million + utility bill. These dollars can be more meaningfully invested in research or scholarships.

The res halls have been split into three competition groups to compete for prizes and glory. The Village vs. The Northwest Halls vs. Southside. So far, Southside has reduced the most: nearly 10%! You can also check standings weekly at [no longer active]

By tweaking a few daily behaviors, students can help drive down res hall electricity usage by up to 20%. To compete to reduce: take the stairs instead of the elevator, turn out lights when there is access to daylight or last to leave the room, un-plug recharge cords or put them on a power strip that can be turned off when things aren’t charging, turn computers and monitors off when not in use and we’re sure students will get creative and find many innovative ways to reduce!

For more energy savings ideas you can print out a electricity savings pledge from our Facebook page. If RHA council members see the pledge on your suite door, you’ll be entered into weekly drawings for Kill-a-watt meters, metal water bottles, smart power strips and other cool prizes.