Greek Life Housing is Recycling More

image of recycle bin

Last semester, the Sustainability Ambassador (SA) Recycling team tackled Greek Life housing. The initiative was to implement better recycling methods in the community that makes up one-third of CWRU’s student population. Their first step was to conduct walk-throughs of every fraternity and sorority house and take note of how many trash and recycling bins they had, if they had all the different kinds of recycling bins, whether they had the right bags for all the bins etc. Once inventory was complete, they prepared a presentation that would help conduct training sessions in recycling for the house managers of each Greek organization. Ambassadors also put together packets with stickers and posters that the managers would put up in their respective houses to educate their housemates about the proper methods for recycling, what materials can/cannot be recycled and what material goes in which bin. The SA Recycling Team will be doing post implementation walk-throughs to make sure the transition process is running smoothly. Our office is very thankful for the Greek Life community’s cooperation for making this project a success.