Microbead Swap Event

Microbead Swap, Free the waters, Bring your old facial scrub or toothpaste with microbeads (look for polypropylene or polyethylene on the labels) and we'll give you eco-friendly scrubs, Free for all, new facial scrub, water bottles, augua fresca, Wednesday, April 13th, 4pm - 7pm, Tink Tables, Sustainable, Student Sustainability Council

Join the Office for Sustainability and the Student Sustainability Council to learn more about microbeads and their pollution to our waterways, aquatic life and ultimately our own bodies. 

Microbeads are tiny plastic pellets found in face washes, body scrubs, toothpastes and more to add scouring abilities to cleansing products. They are so small that they do not get filtered out of septic and sewage systems and end up in our waterways. Plastic absorbs what in comes into contact with, especially pollution. Fish and other aquatic life easily mistake microbeads for food and eat them. We, then in turn, eat the fish and absorb more pollution from the protein than would normally. Thankfully, recent legislation is requiring that microbeads be phased out of products in the future.

At this event, you can swap your own health and beauty products containing microbeads (look for polyethylene or polypropylene in ingredient lists) for those not containing the polluting pellets. Students are also giving out water bottles and agua fresca. 

WEDNESDAY, April 13 5:00 to 8:00pm at the Tink Tables in the food court.

Learn more about microbeads at The Story of Stuff and download an app to help you shop through Beat the Bead.

This program is organized by Claire Holliday, Sustainability Ambassador.