Our Office is Hiring Four Student Positions

This Fall, we are looking to hire between 15 and 19 students to help us forward our mission of carrying out CWRU’s Climate Action Plan. These

Green help wanted sign

students will be spread across four different positions. A link to a Google Doc job description is listed below for each position.  Apply online via the Google form link. Please read the job descriptions before applying to be sure your availability and experience are a good fit.

The deadline to apply is Friday, September 4.

We will review all the submissions, arrange phone interviews with our top candidates and make selections as soon as possible for students to star working in early September.

Sustainability Ambassador

Open to all undergraduate and graduate students. We will select a cohort of about 10 students who will work 30 hours per semester and are required to work both Fall and Spring semester.

Position description:


Green Lab Auditor

Open to upperclass and graduate students. We will select 4 – 5 students who will work 5 – 10 hours per week for both semesters.

Position description:


Recycling Intern

Open to all undergraduate and graduate students. We will select 1 – 3 students who can work between 10 to 20 hours per week with possible additional hours over breaks.

Position description:


Sustainability Office Fellow

We strongly prefer upperclass and graduate students.  We  will select 1 student who will work 10 hours per week.


Link to apply for all positions