Recycle Regatta 2016 Highlights

The second annual Recycle Regatta was held on April 14 at 8:00pm in the Veale Athletic Center’s indoor pool. The upcycled cardboard boat making and floating competition was organized by One to One  Fitness, the professional engineering fraternity Theta Tau and CWRU Office for Sustainability. Last year, five teams competed while this year’s event had seven teams: Theta Tau I, Theta Tau II, an unaffiliated boat called “Privateer Engineer,” SSC with their boat called “USSC II - lifeboat,” The Quidditch Team, CWRUcio with their boat called “The Golden Snitch,” the Lifeguards and the Office for Sustainability. The teams competed in two heats for fastest time and floatability.

The fastest time across the pool was 1:04 minutes by Theta Tau I. The second best time was our own Office for Sustainability boat. Theta Tau II did finish but laid on their raft and kicked across the pool. All other boats sank! There’s a reason why cardboard is not a standard boat building material! Check out the photo below of the boats after the race - most just melted.

Sustainability Ambassadors Helen Sanderson and Jess Wilson-Woodrow crafted the Office for Sustainability’s boat (pictured below with the recycling symbol on the front). Helen was in the watercraft along with Sustainability Director Stephanie Corbett during the event. They paddled with cardboard oars and made it across the pool in the second fastest time. Helen said, “Our biggest concern was getting the boat into the water and getting in it, but luckily it was wide and strong enough to stay afloat, and we made it across without sinking!”

Four awards were given out to participants:

image of Recycle Regatta Awards Recipients
  • The Mayflower Award for best boat design went to CWRucio for their boat “The Golden Snitch (pictured below with Snitch wings!).” They won a bag from the Office for Sustainability full of sustainability supplies: smart power strips, water bottles, sporks, cloth napkins, notebooks and more.

  • The Titanic Award for best sinking went to the Lifeguards. They won Indians themed t-shirts from Fresh Brewed Tees.

  • The Nina, Pinta & Santa Maria Award for best teamwork went to Office for Sustainability. Stephanie and Helen won herb garden kits provided by the CWRU farm.

  • The Black Pearl Award for fastest ship went to Theta Tau I.  They won a one night stay at the Glidden House and a package of tee shirts from Ape Made.  

 The event raised funds for Habitat for Humanity through entrance fees and boat registrations.

image of Regattas made from cardboard