REScycle 2021 is underway!

REScycle, CWRU’s end-of-the-year move-out donation program, is running now through May 31st. REScycle allows undergrads to donate items that they no longer need or want (or can’t fit in their luggage or car!) while keeping good, usable items out of the landfill. In an average year, between seven and eight tons of donated items are collected - that’s the same weight as 3 or 4 cars! 

The process is simple. Students living in on-campus housing will find a large box in a common area in their Residence Hall - usually on the first floor, but sometimes it’s in an upper level common area.

Residents can place anything into this box that they no longer need or want (or can’t fit!) and that is suitable for donation. This includes clothing (no underwear please, although swimsuits and bras in good condition are acceptable), school supplies, books, kitchen appliances and supplies, bedsheets (no egg crates though, okay?) - you name it!  

There will also be a small box placed near the large box - this box is used to collect UNused and UNopened personal care items and food. Think shampoo, lotion, soap, for personal care items, or canned goods, ramen, boxes of granola bars, mac & cheese, etc. for food.  What we don’t want are your half eaten jars of peanut butter, half used bottles of cooking oil, or half empty bottles of shampoo - please dispose of those properly by sharing with a friend who may be sticking around for the summer, or emptying them (last minute suite-mate snack party anyone?!) and recycling appropriately.  

Finally, if you have larger items that you want to donate, you can submit a request to myhousing for a pick-up with #Rescycle in the comments, and then label the item #Rescycle so you ensure the right items get picked up for donation and not your favorite chair! 

What’s new this year is all on-campus students will be receiving an orange bag from to help them pack up their donations. Also new this year is that a large amount of the donations will now be diverted to our very own campus Physical Resource Center (PRC or Freestore) located currently in Uptown next to Mitchell’s, to assist incoming and returning students in the fall to find items they may need without having to buy new. The remainder of the items will continue to be donated to our partners at  REScycle is a program operated in partnership with the offices of University Housing, Residence Life, Facilities Services, and Energy & Sustainability.