Solve Water Related Problems by Entering Erie Hack

Erie Hack Logo

Erie Hack is a tech-driven international water innovation competition and accelerator program that will bring together coders, developers, engineers, data experts, and water professionals to generate creative solutions to Lake Erie’s biggest challenges. The competition, which will award more than $100,000 in cash and accelerator services to up to four winning teams and one high school team, focuses on creating publicly accessible mobile apps, open data and new technology and solutions to elevate the value of clean water and leverage its potential to drive the economic vitality of the Great Lakes region [aka “The Blue Economy.”]

Sponsored by the Cleveland Water Alliance, NASA Glenn Research Center, Digital C and the Great Lakes Observing System, Erie Hack is asking competitors to tackle one of their six challenge areas which include:

  • Mitigate Nutrient Loading and Its Environmental Impacts
  • Reduce and Remediate Urban Pollution
  • Cultivate Resilience in Water Infrastructure Systems
  • Manage Aging Water Infrastructure Systems
  • Connect Communities to the Value of Water
  • Drive the Creation of Meaningful Data

Do you have an idea? Learn more at Erie Hack's website.