Tips for Greening your Holidays

image of Christmas Light

Party Planning

  • Make sure a recycling bin is right next to each trash can with clear directions about what can be recycled.
  • Avoid using single use plates, napkins or cups. Your guests can help with clean up and our landfills will be emptier.
  • Avoid helium balloons as they are a big threat to wildlife when let float away into the air.
  • Serve local food and cut down on our meat consumption to reduce greenhouse gas emissions
  • Remember to recycle your broken holiday lights at the County's Solid Waste District!

Gift Giving

  • Wrap gifts with durable or fully recyclable materials. You can also make the wrapping part of the gift with cloth napkins, clothing, cloth grocery bags and more.
  • Send recycled content cards without glitter or decorations that can't be taken off to recycle.
  • Consider the gift of time or an experience instead of a material item.


  • If you are flying, direct flights are more Earth friendly as the most fuel is used to take off and land.
  • If renting a car, try to get a hybrid or the smallest car possible to conserve fuel
  • Remember that RTA is always running and mass transit always wins the green commuting trophy!