Where Are They Now: Catherine Kozuch, former Sustainability Ambassador

young woman in front of landscape with wide brimmed hat

Catherine Kozuch, Cat, became a Sustainability Ambassador in her fourth year at CWRU and graduated in May 2019. She was on our Food Team and worked on local and vegetarian food education. Cat had a double major in International Studies and Environmental Studies and was involved with CWRU’s Habitat for Humanity. She’s now working for the City of Dallas as an Environmental Specialist. She told us that “being a Sustainability Ambassador really solidified my want and need to work within the environmental sector.” Her team visits every watershed within a 100-mile radius of the City of Dallas testing the city’s drinking water sources. She helps ensure that the waster is clean by analyzing samples, completing bio-assessment studies as well as issuing violations to any local government or business that improperly disposing of their wastewater. Congrats on a great first job out of CWRU, Cat!