Where Are They Now: Minji Kwon, former Sustainability Ambassador

young woman with dark hair and glasses with flowers in the background

Minji Kwon was a Sustainability Ambassador for two years while she was at CWRU. She graduated in December 2019, majoring in Civil Engineering with a secondary major in Environmental Studies. She was also involved in music production and performance. During the summer of 2018, Minji had an internship with NOACA, our regional planning agency, as a Civil Engineering Intern and worked on commuter safety. After her internship, Minji joined the Alternative Transportation Sustainability Ambassador team working on bike, bus, and scooter education. Minji had worked previously on our Sustainability Ambassador Recycling Team. Prior to graduation, Minji got a job at NOACA as a Transportation Planner. She works with two NOACA teams: Safety & Operations and Transportation Livability Planning. She’s been studying both car crashes and cyclists and pedestrian crashes - and how they can be prevented. Minji is also helping to update the bike map for Cuyahoga County by scoring each of the roads according to its traffic. Minji says “ I would say what draws me to this job is the nature of NOACA's purpose, which is planning. It is rewarding to be able to always see the big picture and interact with all of the other NEO organizations that are working towards the same vision.” Congrats on the new job, Minji, and keep up the great work keeping our commuters safe!