Energy Contest 2018

Mid-contest Updates

November 7 Update: Sherman is in the lead! Full rankings found on our update page. Keep up the great work reducing energy!

November 14 UpdateStorrs and Phi Delta Theta surged ahead to first and second while Sherman had dropped to third. 

Wasting Energy is Scary!

Our Annual Campus Energy Contest will run from October 31 through November 18. The campus residence hall (or participating Greek house*) that has the greatest energy reduction will win a solar-powered charging picnic table to be installed Spring semester! 

An individual building's energy use includes anything from electricity that is used to power the lights or charge electronics, to using the elevator or plugging in a refrigerator. Each building's graph shows the amount of energy that was used daily compared to the same day in the previous week. To track your building's progress, make sure the energy use of the current week is less than the previous week's - there should be a downward trend! If you don't see that, make a more conscious effort to use less electricity and encourage your friends and suitemates to do the same. 

Energy contest standings will be released on November 7th and November 14th. The winning building will be announced on November 26th.

November 7 update: Sherman is in the lead!

November 14 update: Storrs surged ahead to first!

The winner will be determined by which building reduces their energy use the most – follow your building progress frequently by checking your building's link! Note that for the links to work, you must be signed into the CWRU network.

*participating Greek houses are those that are owned and sub-metered by CWRU including Phi Delta Theta, Sigma Nu, Delta Gamma, Beta Theta Pi, Pi Beta Phi, Zeta Psi, Sigma Psi, Kappa Alpha Theta, Sigma Chi, Phi Kappa Tau, Phi Sigma Rho, Delta Upsilon, Phi Kappa Psi.

North Residential Village The Village South Residential Village (top) South Residential Village (bottom)
Cutler STJ Glaser


Hitchcock House 1/ 2 Kusch


Norton House 3/ 3A (meter offline, link may not work) Michelson Howe
Pierce House 4 Zeta Psi (meter off line, link may not work) Alumni
Raymond House 5 Sigma Psi/ Kappa Alpha Theta Phi Delta Theta
Sherman House 6/ 7 Sigma Chi/Phi Kappa Tau

Sigma Nu

Smith   Phi Sigma Rho Delta Gamma
Storrs   Delta Upsilon/Phi Kappa Psi Beta Theta Pi/Pi Beta Phi
Clark Tower       

Encourage your friends and suitemates to reduce your energy use by turning off the lights, taking the stairs and unplugging devices.

poster of hands over light bulb for energy reduction contest