Second Floor Conference Room

image of conference room 245

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The Second Floor Conference Room is located on the second floor of University Center, situated at the top of the Grand Staircase and just around the corner from the Kelvin & Eleanor Smith Foundation Grand Ballroom.

Designed as a modern conference room, the space features a built-in projection system and two whiteboards. Its white tables and comfortable chairs, typically setup in a square format for 16 people, can easily be configured to the numerous setup options detailed below. A banquette table sits in the corner of the room, the perfect nook for your catering order. When making a reservation, event organizers might also considering adding a lectern, laptop, conference phone or other equipment from our inventory (fees may apply).

Those looking for privacy will find this room ideal. It has no exterior windows and the glass entrance has a frosted film. A digital room sign sits just outside the room to showcase the day's scheduled reservations and allows students the ability to reserve the room for study sessions if it's available.

Room Number: 245
Size: 396 square feet

Rental Rates Hourly Fee Min. Fee
Student Organizations -- --
University Departments $20 $60
Nonprofit + Affiliate Groups $30 $90
External Groups $40 $120

Setup Options Distanced Capacity Normal Capacity
Classroom 4 12
Conference 4 12
Empty 8 30
Horseshoe 5 12
Lecture 8 25
Pod 4 12
Square (Default) 6 16

The University Center requires a minimum three hour fee when renting this space. For full details about rate qualifications and the reservation process, please see our policies.