Uploading New Media

To upload an image or document—like a PDF—to your media library:

  1. Click Add Media at the top right of the media library
  2. On the next page, select the type of media you want to add to the media library

Alternatively, you can access the add media page directly through the Drupal toolbar.

  1. Hover over Content in the Drupal toolbar
  2. Hover over Media
  3. Click “Add New Media”


Image Sizes

We suggest using the following image sizes: 

  • Homepage/Hero Images: 1224 x 662 px  
  • Subfeature Images: 705 x 528 px  
  • Asides: 664 x 374 px
  • Biographies: 250 x 300 px
  • Event or News Article Images: 300 x 300 px
  • Gallery Images: 946 x 473 px
  • No images larger than 2000 px wide and 800 px tall, or larger than 1MB.

You must have permission to use any photo you upload to your website. 

Uploading an Image

  1. On the add new media page, select Image.
  2. On the next page, click Choose File under the Image heading.
  3. Select the image in the File Upload window and click open.
  4. Provide alternative text for the image. Learn more about how to write alternative text.
  5. Provide a media name for the image. This can either be the file name or the image’s title. Editors on your site will be able to search for the image by the media name.
  6. Click Save.

Changing the Focal Point

Having a specific focal point for images keeps the focus on one point as the page adjusts for different browsers or content sizes. This can be incredibly helpful for larger images and hero images. If you have to use an image that was cropped incorrectly, changing the focal point could help.

To change the focal point of the image, click and drag the white crosshair on the image. Place the crosshair over the most important point of the image.


PDFs and other documents must be added to the media library first before linking to them from a page.

  1. On the Add New Media page, select Document.
  2. On the next page, provide a media name for the document. This can either be the file name or the document’s title. Editors on your site will be able to search for the document by the media name. Do not fill out the description field. 
  3. Click Choose File under the Document heading.
  4. Select the document in the File Upload window and click open.
  5. Click Save. 

To link your text to a PDF: 

  1. Go to the page you would like to add the document to and select Edit. 
  2. Highlight the text you wish to link to the document. 
  3. Choose "Internal Link" and search for the document name. 
  4. Select the document and click save. 
  5. Save the page.