Types of Pages in Drupal

In Drupal, you’ll find multiple different Content Types. These are how Drupal refers to the options for organizing and displaying your content. 

Following you’ll find a quick primer on the most common types of pages you’ll find on your site. 


There is only one homepage on each site, so you are not able to choose this type of page when creating new pages. You also can’t delete this page from your site. However, you can edit all of the images and text on the homepage of your site.

Learn more about homepages.

Basic Page

The Basic Page lets you place text in a single block, embed images and add an optional aside. Anything you can do in a Microsoft Word or Google Doc, you can do on a Basic Page. However, because Robust 3-Column pages can do everything a Basic Page can do and more, some newer sites no longer have the option to add Basic Pages. 

Learn about the Basic Page.

Robust 3-Column Page

The Robust 3-Column page has a number of display options you don’t have on the Basic Page content type, such as Hero Images and Accordions. If you’re looking to create a new page on your website, we recommend choosing the Robust 3-Column Page. 

Learn about the Robust 3-Column Page.


Biographies are used to hold all profile content for any active faculty or staff here at the university.

Learn more about Biographies.

News Article

News Articles are used to display any news-worthy content on the site.

Learn about News Articles.

Event Detail Page

The Event Detail Page is used to display any events that are posted on the website.

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