Who Gets a Biography?

While we fully support the interdisciplinary and cross-organization efforts taking place across our campus, our Biographies section is meant to store information about current Case Western Reserve University faculty and staff. Other key players on your teams, such as undergraduate students or temporary researchers, certainly can and should be highlighted on your website, but this information should be created as regular pages rather than added into Biographies.

In addition, if an individual from an external organization has an outside profile, please link to this instead of creating a page for them on Case Western Reserve's website, so information only needs to be maintained in one place (at their primary institution).

Biographies live on a different site outside of your main website. This allows us to update faculty and staff profiles in one place, and share them across other sites, if desired.

For help with Biographies such as removing a biography from a website or adjusting the order biographies appear in on a page, please submit a help desk ticket

Adding a Biography 

Note: To avoid duplicating content, before you add a biography to Content Hub, it is important that you do a search for the person you are adding first by typing their last name in the Title bar. Their profile may already exist. 

  1. Hover over the Content menu on your website and choose Add Content > Biography - Content Hub.
  2. This will take you to the Biographies site, opening in a new tab.
    • If you want to return to your site, you have to use the previously opened tab.
  3. Select Add Content.
  4. Fill in all necessary fields including “Website Bio Should Appear On.” 
    • Fields with a red asterisk in Main Details are required. See below for more details. 
  5. Choose Save and Create New Draft or Save and Publish.

Editing a Biography 

  1. Hover over the Content menu and choose Add Content > Biography - Content Hub.
  2. This will take you to the Content Hub site, opening in a new tab.
    • If you want to return to your site, you have to use the previously opened tab. 
  3. Select Content.
    • This will take you to a list of available Biographies.
  4. Using the search box, search for the biography you need to edit.
  5. Select Edit in the Operations column.
  6. Apply your changes, then select Save and Publish.

Important Notes on Biographies 

From research interests to past awards, Biographies have many fields to accommodate the information a faculty or staff member would like to add to their bio. Learn more about what you can include and how to format this information.

Full Name

The Full Name field, or the first field with the red asterisk, is for the person's full name. Please do not include their academic credentials or any other information aside from their full name in this field.

Main Details 

This is where you will fill out the biographical information for each person such as academic credentials, job title and contact information. You can also provide a profile picture.

Website Bio Should Appear On

This field will need to be filled out with your website's name if the bio you are editing hasn't existed on your website before. If there is already a site name in this field, put a comma after the entry, start typing your site's name, and select it from the dropdown when it appears. This will make sure that the biography you are editing will be added to your site.

Job Titles

When changing a job title, please be sure to delete the entire title—including the number in parentheses after the words—to ensure the title updates properly when saved. 


If someone is a professor of biomedical engineering, pathology, and radiology, all of which are in the School of Medicine; director of a center; and member of a different center their title should be input as follows:

  • Professor, Department of X, School of Medicine
  • Professor, Department of Y, School of Medicine
  • Professor, Department of Z, School of Medicine
  • Director, Center for ABC
  • Member, Center for DEF

NOT "Professor of Radiology, Department of Radiology, School of Medicine" or "Professor of Radiology, School of Medicine."

This allows us to make sure that when we have faculty who have cross-school affiliations—such as nursing and medicine—we can clearly see their school affiliation.

If they are a faculty member who has multiple titles within one department, such as "Professor and Chair, Department of Pathology, School of Medicine" put both of their titles (separated by "and") in the one title field, rather than separating them out. There will only be a few of these, so they are the exceptions to the rule.

There will be some faculty members with endowed professorships, such as "Ann Smith, the Bill Gates Professor of Technology." Those must be input as they are. DO NOT change them, but add the department and school name.


For staff members, you'll likely need to add a bit more detail on titles.

For example, someone may be a director—but their office may have multiple directors. So you'd need to say "Director of X" and "Director of Y" for those individuals to fully clarify their roles.

Job Descriptions 

If this person only appears on one site, fill out the Job Description field with information about their appointment/role within the university. 

Secondary Job description can be used to pull in information for those who appear on multiple sites. 

Teaching Information 

Sections for schedule, information and office hours are provided with the standard WYSIWYG format. 

Research Information

Include information about interests, current or past projects and funding in the appropriate sections. 

Awards and Honors

Select Add Awards/Honors to add information including the award name, the year received and the organization or sponsor of the award. 

Professional Memberships 

List any professional memberships, entering one at a time. To add multiple select “Add another item.” 

External Appointments

The title/department/center/school section should only be used for CWRU positions. If it’s a position at another university or an outside company or organization, such as University Hospitals, Cleveland Clinic, Louis Stokes VA Medical Center or an outside company, this information should go under the External Appointments tab.


Links to PubMed and other external publications go here. 


Use the Presentation field to fill out a Title, Conference/Event name and presentation date. Or input the information in the WYSIWYG editor below. 


Use this tab to fill out specific information on types of degrees received, year of graduation and other college/university information. Be sure to spell out the degree in the Degree field. Rather than it saying BS, it should say Bachelor of Science, etc.  

If they have a certificate they earned from a university that relates to their area of expertise also include that in Education. 

Residencies, Internships and Fellowships

This tab can be used for information regarding residencies, fellowships and internships. You can provide an Area of Study/Specialization, Institution and Year. 

Additional Information 

Any information that doesn’t directly relate to the person’s job or biography such as interests, history at the university or information about other roles will go in this tab. 


You may want to link to a document such as a resume or CV in a biography. To do this, you'll need to upload the document on the site where the biography will appear. Do not upload the document into the Biographies site. For help with uploading documents, see our Uploading New Media section on the WCMS site. 

Once you've uploaded the document: 

  • Click on the document in the media library, so that it opens in your Drupal site
  • Copy the URL that appears
  • Open the Biographies site and locate the biography you would like to edit
  • Choose New Draft 
  • Highlight the text you would like to link to the document, use the Link button in the WYSIWYG editor, paste the link to the document