Content Types

In Drupal, you’ll find multiple options for organizing and displaying your content. These options are referred to as content types. Here, we give a quick primer on the content types you’ll find on your site. 


There is only one homepage on each site, so you are not able to choose this content type when creating new pages. You can view different homepage styles on our templates page. The homepage allows you to add a Hero Image or a Hero Image Slideshow. These images span the width of the page. 

You can also add subfeatures. Subfeatures promote the most important content on your site. They link to the content with a button and are separated into columns. Some homepages also feature a sidebar for things such as calendars or contact information.

You may edit the homepage once logged in. You can edit the homepage by selecting it from the content overview menu in your dashboard. Or, you can begin by navigating to the live view of your homepage. Once there, select New Draft above the banner image.

Basic Page

You will likely use the basic page for most of the pages on your site. The basic page lets you place text in a single block, embed images and add an optional aside. 

Robust 3-Column Page

The Robust 3-column page has more options available than the other two Content Types. You can add a Hero Image as you can on the landing page content type, but keep in mind: the more photos you add to a page, the longer it takes to load. For this reason, we recommend the hero image  generally only be used on a landing page.

The Robust 3-column page also has a number of display options you don’t have on other page layouts, including: 

  • Photo Galleries, which display and cycle through multiple images (shown below).
  • Accordions, which are vertically stacked lists of headers that can be clicked to reveal or hide the content associated with them. 

Based on your site design, other content types may be available. For further questions or help, please contact us