Flourish Prizes

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The Flourish Prizes

Photo of Chuck Fowler and Flourish Prize honoree Rizky Ardi Nugroho at the 2017 Fourth Global Forum.
Chuck Fowler and Flourish Prize honoree Rizky Ardi Nugroho at the 2017 Fourth Global Forum.

The Flourish Prizes are each year's culminating event for AIM2Flourish, a Fowler Center initiative that recognizes the positive impact of today's business leaders while changing the way tomorrow's leaders are taught. 17 Flourish Prizes are given annually to recognize the role businesses play in achieving the UN’s Global Goals for sustainable development. 

The 17 honorees are chosen from stories of positive business innovation published on AIM2Flourish.com during the preceding calendar year—stories discovered and published by students from around the world.

The Flourish Prizes through the AIM2Flourish program at Case Western Reserve University's Weatherhead School of Management represent several concepts:

  • Business as a force for peace,
  • Business as a force for the eradication of extreme poverty, and
  • Business as a force for eco-innovation and the generation of sustainable value. 

In many respects, there is no greater long-term potential for building a better world—not just standing alone, but also in creative partnership with civil society organizations and governmental bodies—than business.

Prize Selection Process 

AIM2Flourish stories are about business innovations from for-profit companies that help achieve one or more of the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals, such as ending poverty or ensuring peace and justice. Stories selected for recognition share examples of business innovations that increase economic prosperity while contributing to a healthy world and human well-being.

All AIM2Flourish stories published on the AIM2Flourish.com website from Jan. 1 through Dec. 31 are eligible for nominations for the next year's Flourish Prizes. We honor the business leader for their innovation as well as the student author(s) and professor.

Every AIM2Flourish story is reviewed by one of our AIM2Flourish editors, a dedicated volunteer team that includes award-winning journalists, media makers, management coaches, students and professors. The final selections for the Flourish Prizes are made by a distinguished panel of business leaders and scholars.

Our goal is that the Flourish Prizes will represent a wide range of industries, geographies and participating schools and provide solutions to as many of the UN Sustainable Development Goals as possible.

Learn more about the AIM2Flourish program and the Flourish Prizes