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The provost's office at ​​​​​​Case Western Reserve University also provides a variety of programs, initiatives, services and administrative resources. 

The deputy provost and vice president for academic affairs is a principal member of the Case Western Reserve University senior management team. With deep understanding of the academic mission and strategic plan of Case Western Reserve University, the deputy provost and vice president for academic affairs supports the provost and may even substitute for the provost as appropriate and necessary.

When it comes to sustaining the university’s multi-faced strategic plan, the deputy provost and vice president for academic affairs leadership responsibilities include organizations and programs that prepare students for leadership through unparalleled campus and extracurricular experiences; and that engage and inspire students, faculty and staff by providing opportunities for growth and recognition.

A partial list of the responsibilities of the Deputy Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs includes the following:

  • Serve as the principal adviser to the provost and represents the provost at meetings/functions, etc.
  • Devise an agenda for academic program distinction and to strengthen the sense of scholarly community among faculty, students and staff at CWRU.
  • Provide leadership by involving deans, faculty leadership and university administration in determining university-wide academic priorities and strategies.
  • Develop and maintain policies and procedures that guide resource allocation to salaries, rewards systems and facilities. These must relate to academic program development in areas of education, research and community.
  • Handle Appointments/Promotion/Tenure processes, including three-year reviews/follow up: pre-tenure extensions, endowed professorships and partner hires.
  • Launch and coordinate programs as well as develop and implement policies that set standards for conduct within the CWRU community. These cover areas with conflict of interest and commitment; gender equity; and recognition of performance and achievement.
  • Chair the President’s Advisory Council on promotion and tenure.
  • Represent the office of the provost, as appropriate, in mediation and conflict resolution among faculty and between faculty and administrators.
  • Mediate faculty grievances as assigned.
  • Represent the office of the provost in selected committees of the Faculty Senate, Board of Trustees (Academic Affairs and Student Life Committee), University Undergraduate Faculty, and University Advisory Committee on Women.
  • Oversee strategic initiatives for undergraduate, graduate and postdoctoral studies.
  • Chairs the Threat Assessment Behavioral Intervention Team (TABIT).
  • Lead ACES+, a faculty development and support program from the National Science Foundation ADVANCE program to recruit and retain women and URM in STEM fields.
  • Oversee review of Doctoral Programs for the Ohio Board of Regents (OBR).
  • Serve as member of the Deans’ Advisory Council on Recruiting (DAGOR).
  • Manage the university’s nomination process for selective awards and oversees distribution of announcements of award opportunities.
  • Lead as member of the Hovorka Prize and Honorary Degree committees.
  • Participate in the Provost Department Chairs Open Forums, Deans’ Workshops and the Senior Leadership Workshops.
  • Other duties and project responsibilities as assigned include participation in Accreditation Steering Committee; Enrollment Management Team; and Provost’s Academic Strategic Planning Committee.