Submission and Deadlines

Thumbtack pins on a calendar.

The Office of the Provost maintains a list of deadlines for faculty appointment processing, award nominations, promotion & tenure files, finance and more.

The following actions requiring approval by the Office of the Provost are submitted through Interfolio. A manager of faculty appointment matters for each school is responsible for submissions. Most actions have rolling deadlines, but some are required to be submitted by a certain date.

  • Appointment to the Faculty at Another Academic Institution
  • Department Chair, Interim Chair or Acting Chair Appointment
  • Emeritus Faculty Appointment
    • Due April 1 for appointment July 1
    • Due November 1 for appointment January 1
  • Endowed Professorship Appointment
  • Extension of Pre-Tenure Period 
  • Faculty Appointment 
  • Joint Faculty Appointment
  • Leave of Absence
  • Pre-Tenure Period Extension for Parenting
  • Promotion to Assistant Professor or Senior Instructor
    • Due April 15 for promotion July 1
    • Due November 15 for promotion January 1
  • Promotion to Associate Professor or Professor or Tenure
    • T/TT due December 1
    • NTT due January 15 for promotion July 1
    • NTT due September 15 for promotion January 1
  • Request for Transfer into the Tenure Track
  • Sabbatical
  • Secondary Appointments Across Schools
  • Transfer of Faculty Appointment From One School to Another
  • Verification of Credentials