Programs & Resources


The following programs may be of interest to CWRU faculty, staff and/or students.

  • The Academic Careers in Engineering & Science (ACES+) program at CWRU was part of the National Science Foundation (NSF) ADVANCE program to develop a national science and engineering workforce that includes the full participation of women at all levels of faculty and academic leadership.
  • The Threat Assessment & Behavioral Intervention Team (TABIT) evaluates potentially worrisome situations. If the committee concludes a threat to the campus exists, TABIT members will act in accordance with university policy.
  • The Faculty Development Council was organized in 2011 in support of the university's vision to develop a strong and vibrant university faculty.
  • Provost Leadership Retreat
  • The Case Western Reserve University Board of Trustees has delegated to the University Faculty certain powers and responsibilities concerning the University’s educational, research and scholarly activities. All powers of the University Faculty, not otherwise reserved for the University Faculty itself, are exercised by the Faculty Senate, which is elected by the constituent faculties. 
  • Institutions Developing Excellence in Academic Leadership-National (IDEAL-N) seeds and institutionalizes gender equity transformation at leading research universities by creating a learning community of academic leaders empowered to develop and leverage knowledge, skills, resources and networks to achieve that goal.
  • Created in 2002, the Case Western Reserve University-Fisk University Partnership offers expanded opportunities in education, research and cultural and scholarly endeavors for students, faculty and staff at Fisk University in Nashville, Tenn., and Case Western Reserve University in Cleveland, Ohio.
  • The ACES+ Summer Undergraduate Research Program was an intensive, hands-on, 10 week session that ran from the summer of 2015 to the summer of 2018.


Here you will find resources to help enhance your leadership skills, improve the day-to-day management of your department, and opportunities to expand your network of contacts within the university.