The Department of Advancement Services assists users in interacting with Ellucian Advance and Central Files to ensure that they get the information they need from these resources. Some procedures relating to these systems require a separate request.

Users must enroll in the training provided by Advancement Services before accessing Ellucian Advance.

In order to keep data current and relevant, users should make a Biographical Update Request or add an Entity Addition Request when they become aware of updates to data. To get a more in-depth look at a potential donor, users can submit a Central File Request, Prospect Research Request or a Devreq for a more advanced searching experience.

Users should also be aware that, due to the confidential nature of the information contained in Ellucian Advance, an Advance Deactivation Request should be completed immediately once an employee has moved departments or left the university. This will allow for adjustment of that employee’s access or termination of access.

Make a request by visiting the pages in this section.