Biographical Maintenance and Gift Processing

Biographical Maintenance

Current, up-to-date information is the foundation of a reliable alumni/development system. The Office of Advancement Services is responsible for maintaining the biographical information in the Ellucian Advance system database.

The Ellucian Advance database contains information on individuals, including alumni, parents, friends, faculty, staff and students. Additionally, foundations, corporations, associations and other miscellaneous organization data is maintained. 
The database houses comprehensive data for an entity including:

  • Contact information
  • Employment information
  • Affiliation information
  • Family information
  • Awards and honors
  • CWRU committee participation
  • Mail control
  • Relationships to other entities in the database
  • Student and volunteer activities on campus
  • Special notes documents

The Biographical Maintenance unit uses various techniques and resources to update and maintain biographical data. It is critical to inform Advancement Services upon becoming aware of new or updated information pertaining to an Ellucian Advance entity.

Gifts Processing

All charitable donations should be sent to Advancement Services Gifts Processing to be processed so the donor can receive an official IRS tax receipt from the University.

The Records & Gifts Processing division of Advancement Services is responsible for processing all charitable gifts, grants and pledges for Case Western Reserve University. Checks, cash, gifts of securities and wire transfers, credit card gifts, gifts in kind and memos are all coded and entered into the Ellucian Advance database. Checks are deposited into the University’s KeyBank account as part of the processing procedure. Pledges, will commitments and intentions are also processed by the Records & Gifts Processing division. Pledge reminders are generated for all current and past-due pledges on a monthly basis.

The Ellucian Advance system is integrated with the university’s PeopleSoft financial system. As part of the nightly update, a financial interface program is run that deposits charitable gifts into the appropriate university speedtypes and accounts.

Gift receipts (IRS tax receipts) are generated daily for all outright gifts, matching gifts and pledge payments that are processed through the Ellucian Advance system. The receipts will reflect the value of the contribution received and indicate the purpose of the donation.

In the case of an online donation, the donor receives an IRS tax receipt immediately upon submitting the gift.

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