Central File Request

Central Files Policy

Central Files are confidential, fragile and irreplaceable. The files have legal, administrative and historical value to the university and should be handled with care. The Central Files unit of Advancement Services is responsible for maintaining all incoming and outgoing documents pertaining to individuals, corporations, foundations, estates and associations.

How to Request a Central File

Advancement Services loans central files to staff members as needed. Prior to requesting a central file, check the Entity's Advance Record to see if, in fact, they have a central file. To do so, log into Advance, go to the Entity's record, click Prospect Tracking - Notes and search for a Central File type. To request the central file, email to uris-files@case.edu. Normal turn-around time: 24 hours. Notes: Please include the entity ID and full name of the person or organization in your email.

Returning Central Files to Advancement Services

Because Central Files are so valuable, the files should not be placed in Campus Mail. The chance exists that the file could be lost or misdelivered.

Since the Central Files are located off campus in the BioEnterprise Building, sending and returning files becomes a challenge. Therefore, when requesting a Central File, if you are looking for a specific document, please tell us. Advancement Services will locate the document, scan it, and email it to you. If you need the entire file, we will make special arrangements with you for pickup and return.

The courier boxes on campus can be utilized to return Central Files to us. The service is available on the first floor of Adelbert Hall as well as other locations on campus. Call the Mail Center at CWRU if you are uncertain of the locations of campus courier boxes. Please be certain that our return label with Location Code 7035 is always on the outside of the envelope when you send the file through the courier mail.

Sending Correspondence to Central Files

All incoming and outgoing correspondence between any individual or organization and development staff should be sent to Central Files. In order for our department to maintain accurate files and provide information that reflects the university’s ongoing relationships, we need your cooperation and compliance.