Development Request (Devreq)

What is a Devreq?

Devreqs, short for Development Requests, are adhoc reports generated by the Technical Services team. Advance training is provided to ensure users are capable of fulfilling day-to-day needs, however there are certain instances where a devreq will be required. For example, a devreq will be required when suggesting the creation or modification of a report, when a user is attempting to execute a more advanced lookup, for Honor Roll requests and various other situations. If you are unsure whether to submit a devreq, please contact & for assistance. Only trained Advance users should request devreqs.

How to Make a Devreq

It is important to create a complete outline of your request prior to submitting a devreq. Thinking through the scope of your project beforehand saves both the requestor and the programmer time by limiting the need for follow up. Once your project is outlined, submit it via email to Please use this form to format your devreq requests.

1. Explain the purpose of the devreq: In order to pull the data in a most efficient manner our programmers benefit from understanding how the data will ultimately be utilized. Please provide as much detail as possible. For example, is this a solicitation piece? Is this list for a development officer's upcoming travel? Is this an invitation list for an upcoming event?

2. List out each component of your search criteria: Please spec out your search criteria as clearly as possible. Make sure to clarify the following components if applicable (view our Advance Terminology):

  • Reachable or Solicitable? (never both)
  • Cash or Commitment Giving? (never both)
  • Legal or Credit Giving? (never both) 
  • Are you looking for a list of transactions or are you looking for giving totals by donor? 
  • If looking for a list of donors/transactions, are you looking within a certain timeframe? 
  • Do you want giving totals to CWRU or giving totals to a specific school? 
  • Are you looking to exclude anything specific from the criteria?

3. List your desired export fields: List, specifically, which export fields you want to see in your Excel download. Users can reference the Context-Sensitive Report fields as guidance. *If giving information is also being requested, specify between Cash OR Commitment Giving and Legal OR Credit Giving.