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case western reserve university military ethics masters degree students in a classroom talking to a faculty member

The study of military ethics at Case Western Reserve University prepares high-achieving students for careers in military service, law, public service, or for further education. Our students come from a variety of backgrounds and have varied career interests. Learn why they decided to study military ethics at CWRU.

Portrait of Lisa Lindsay

Lisa Lindsay GRS '19

“Studying military ethics is not only a way to satisfy my intellectual curiosities, but, more importantly, it provides a beautiful opportunity to enact positive change. I love being able to do philosophy in an intentional way, producing scholarship with the goal of improving and supporting the experiences of all military personnel. ”

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Portrait of Jay Leffler

Jay Leffler GRS '20

“It’s important that civilians have trust that the military as a profession is conducting itself in an appropriate manner. I chose this master’s program to make myself a better professional soldier and hopefully help address and advise on the current and future challenges for the military.”

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Full profile picture of Gloria Neilson

Gloria Neilson GRS '20

"Choosing to pursue military ethics along with law has allowed me to combine my academic interest in conflicts and my passion for public service in a new way. Military ethics asks people to critically look at military service in a way that other disciplines do not so we, as academics, can strive to better the military profession. By combining both degrees, I can strive to help servicemen and civilians regardless of where my career takes me."

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