Current Elective Course Offerings

Mather Quad Law School

Elective courses for Spring 24 from the College of Arts and Sciences and School of Law include:

  • ARTH/ARTS 409/409 War Games: Video Games and the US Military
  • PHIL 415 Selected Topics in Philosophy
  • PHIL 408 Bioethics and Armed Conflict 
  • POSC 460 Revolts and Revolutions in Global Perspective 
  • POSC 473 Politics of the European Union 
  • POSC 477 Politics of Russia 
  • POSC 490 Special Topics in International Relations 
  • LAWS 1901 International Law: Fundamentals 
  • LAWS 5111 Admiralty Law 
  • LAWS 5116 International Human Rights 
  • LAWS 5118 International Law Research Lab

Additional elective courses will continue to be added. Elective courses for Fall 24 will be updated.