Open Data Sets

Access to U.S. Government Open Data Sets

The U.S. Government collects and maintains a database of nearly 200,000 data sets - free and open for public use. You can find data relating to health, energy, climate, manufacturing and many other domains. This data can be used for research, to design data visualizations, and for various other applications. You may access the datasets by visiting

More open datasets can be found here:

List of lists - 1001 Datasets and Data repositories

Access this link for an exhaustive compilation of public datasets, courtesy Ryan Anderson of the dreamtolearn platform. Visit the blog.

Collection of Large Geospatial Datasets

Open Data Stack Exchange is a Q&A site for anyone interested in Open Data. In this post on the Collection of large geospatial information, you can find an entire community of researchers and developers sharing open datasets containing detailed geospatial information. Explore Open Data Stack Exchange.

Public Datasets compiled from Github

Access more public datasets by visiting Github. Please note that not all of these public datasets are free. 

Datasets from CCIPD

Access Publically Available Datasets from the Center for Computational Imaging and Personalized Diagnostics (CCIPD).  Visit CCIPD.