For Industry

Welcome to the brand new Applied Data Science program at Case Western Reserve University. We want to engage with you in the ways that you want to engage with us. Data Science is entering an exciting new frontier, and whether you want to collaborate on research by pursuing the various opportunities in Data Science, build visibility, or recruit talent from next generation of data scientists and engineers, you've come to the right place! Explore further to see avenues of Data Science research in energy, healthcare, business, and more.

Here are some recent highlights from CWRU's long-standing collaboration efforts with industry across all departments:

  • 270+ recent industry partners, from Fortune 500 companies to recent start-ups;
  • $67,000,000+ in industry awards over the last five fiscal years;
  • $400,000,000+ in research at CWRU each year;
  • 200+ licensing opportunities available;
  • 100+ core facilities and service centers;
  • 100+ patents filed and an average of 40 issued US patents each year;
  • About half of our annual patent investment is reimbursed by active commercialization partners;
  • Recognized in 2013 in Crain's Cleveland Business Patent Power Rankings for the Most Company Patents in Northeast Ohio;
  • Almost 50 companies launched since 2001, who have raised more than $200 million in follow-on funding and acquisitions.