Diversity Climate Survey

OIDEO Diversity Climate Survey Results (2011)

The CWRU Climate Survey was administered in the fall of 2010 to students, faculty, and staff as a way to assess the campus environment. The survey examines a number of issues related to climate, such as how comfortable the university is for participants, participants’ experiences of discrimination, and participant interactions with their peers. Taken together, results of this survey can help the campus community better understand and address climate issues specific to the workplace and classroom.

A total of 3,045 undergraduate students, 3,787 graduate and professional students, 2,678 faculty members, and 3,220 staff members were surveyed. Responses were collected from 911 undergraduates (30%), 720 graduate students (19%), 631 faculty members (24%), and 1,387 staff members (43%).

 2010‐2011 Climate Survey: Results on Common Questions