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2016-2019 Diversity Strategic Action Plan

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CWRU Diversity Strategic Action Plan Calls for Collaboration and Accountability To Reach Inclusion & Diversity Goals

The 2016-2019 Case Western Reserve University Diversity Strategic Action Plan (DSAP) calls for increased visibility, accountability and collaboration as the university strives to fulfill its inclusion, diversity and equity goals.  The plan, entitled Advancing Diversity and Inclusion: A Roadmap for Excellence at Case Western Reserve University, is available online at  It continues to focus on the three goals outlined in the university’s first Diversity Strategic Action Plan, released in 2012.

The three DSAP goals are:

1)    Improved campus climate

2)    Increased retention and recruitment of faculty, students and staff from underrepresented groups

3)    Enhanced leveraging of university resources to advance diversity and inclusion

“The second plan …identifies how best to advance the work we still need to do to enhance inclusion, diversity and equal opportunity at our university,” said University President Barbara Snyder in introducing the publication.  “I look forward to working with our campus community as we embrace the work ahead of us.”

The Office for Inclusion, Diversity and Equal Opportunity (OIDEO) spearheaded the development of the new DSAP.  The process began with an evaluation of the 2012-02015 plan through a diversity audit of the campus and a review by members of the CWRU Diversity Leadership Council (DLC) to determine the status of previous action steps taken to achieve diversity goals.  In addition, an assessment was conducted through focus groups by an external review team, which examined the state of diversity, inclusion and equity at CWRU.  Finally, members of the CWRU campus community provided feedback and suggestions for the DSAP at campus open forums.  The information gathered through these various processes was utilized by the DLC to create the 2016-2019 DSAP.

“The new plan stresses visibility because we know our campus community wants changes that are transparent,” said Vice President for Inclusion, Diversity and Equal Opportunity Marilyn S. Mobley, PhD.  “In addition, the plan stresses accountability because we know that results are critical and that members of our campus community want to know, at every step, who is accountable for the change we want to see.”  In addition, Mobley said greater collaboration across campus would increase coordination among programs, avoid duplication of efforts and make better use of collective resources.

The new DSAP outlines specific actions that offices, departments and administrators should take in an effort to move the university forward in reaching its diversity and inclusion goals.  Goals included in the plan include:

  • establish a diversity certificate program for faculty and staff to provide incentives for annual diversity training
  • develop curricular offerings to support cross-cultural understanding and skills in working with diverse individuals and groups
  • develop diversity workshops through graduate programs and professional schools to increase recruitment and retention of women and underrepresented faculty, staff and students.
  • provide institutional financial support for faculty diversity recruitment and retention
  • appoint a diversity leader for each CWRU school to assist deans and oversee diversity and inclusion programs, projects and initiatives
  • require an annual review, assessment and progress reports on performance metrics for CWRU schools and UGEN (university general) divisions.  UGEN refers to CWRU administrative offices, such as Office of Finance, General Counsel, Human Resources and others.  

The DSAP can be downloaded here:  2016-2019 Diversity Strategic Action Plan

For questions or additional information about the DSAP, contact OIDEO at