The BROOKS MILITARY SCHOOL was a college preparatory school for males that operated in Cleveland from 1874-91. Called at various times Brooks School, Brooks Academy, and Brooks Academy & Military Institute, the school was established by wealthy Clevelanders in honor of Rev. Frederick Brooks, rector of ST. PAUL'S EPISCOPAL CHURCH. He had dreamed of opening a prep school for young men. The school admitted "boys and young men from seven to twenty years of age" and was first located on Prospect at the southwest corner of Brownell (E. 14th) St. Its first headmaster was John S. White, a Harvard graduate.

In 1875 the school moved into a new building on Sibley near Hayward St., funded by men such as JOHN H. DEVEREUX, JEPTHA H. WADE, SAMUEL ANDREWS, and DANIEL P. EELLS. The new structure included a drill hall, armory, gymnasium, and chemical laboratory. Military training was conducted by a U.S. Army officer. President of the school after 1882 was Amos H. Thompson. The school closed in 1891; in 1908 fire destroyed the building.

A separate school for young women opened in 1876, the Brooks School for Young Ladies & Misses. Located first at Euclid and Willson (E. 55th) sts., the school moved several times between 1880-86, when it was purchased by Anne Hathaway Brown. She moved it to 768 Euclid Ave. and renamed it HATHAWAY BROWN SCHOOL.


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