Student Giving and Resources

Philanthropy is the lifeblood of Case Western Reserve University, and students can contribute in a variety of ways. Learn how you can become an advocate, make your senior class gift, thank your scholarship donor and more.

Crowdfunding at CWRU

We encourage students to give back to Case Western Reserve throughout the year, but there are two annual events that provide a special opportunity to make a difference on campus.

Case Western Reserve’s Day of Giving, which takes place on the first Tuesday in April, is a chance for the CWRU community to support the university fund or initiative that is most meaningful to them. Students play a critical role as advocates by engaging supporters on social media and sharing the campaign broadly with friends and family.

#GivingTuesdayatCWRU takes place on the Tuesday after Thanksgiving, and provides a special opportunity to raise awareness and funds for student groups and causes on campus.

Learn more and get involved with crowdfunding at CWRU.

Senior Class Gift

The Senior Class Gift Committee invites the Class of 2023 to help move Case Western Reserve University forward by giving back. Your gift, of any size, helps ensure future generations will have access to a CWRU education.

Tuition covers less than 70% of an undergraduate education at CWRU and your support of Case Western Reserve’s Annual Fund helps bridge the gap.

You may also choose to designate your gift to another university fund or initiative that is meaningful to you. Simply select your designation on the online form, and remember to include your class year in the special instructions section.


More than 85% of Case Western Reserve’s student body receives some form of financial aid, including scholarships and awards funded by university donors. 

Thanking your scholarship donor

With students’ help, the Donor Relations and Financial Aid teams are able to thank the individuals, corporations and foundations whose generosity fuels learning at CWRU. Donor Relations will email you in the middle of each semester with details on writing and submitting thank-you letters.

Many donors share how meaningful it is to receive students' messages of gratitude. In addition to writing a thank-you letter, students can show their appreciation and honor donors by using the name of endowment funds in an email signature and by listing award titles on a resume (see examples below).

For feedback before submitting your letter, email, or make an appointment with the Writing Resource Center for one-on-one writing help.

How to list your scholarship or award on a resume

Honors and Awards

  • Joseph F. Smith Endowment Fund Scholar, CWRU 2019–2022
  • Mary Ellen Innovation Fund Scholar, CWRU 2018–2019
  • Steven Alexander Memorial Endowment Fund, CWRU 2018–2019

How to list your scholarship or award in your email signature

Sally Smith
Joseph H. Smith Endowment Fund Scholar, Case Western Reserve University


A stewardee for an endowed scholarship fund may be the original donor or someone who has an interest in the fund, such as a spouse, family member or legal manager of the fund. For simplicity, we refer to all parties as stewardees.

Permanently invested by Case Western Reserve University, endowed funds generate income which is used for a purpose specified by the donor, such as scholarships or academic awards. Unlike scholarships established with current use funds, endowed funds distribute a percentage of annual investment income for scholarships. This method ensures a permanent legacy for donors and enduring support for students.

Yes! Deadlines are provided for mailing efficiency and to ensure timely communications with stewardees—many of whom look forward to receiving their thank-you letters. Please follow the same instructions provided in the request email, even if you miss the preferred deadline, and contact our office for more information or assistance.

Yes. Even though you are on co-op this semester, we still request letters from students since funds were (or will be) received at some time during the academic year.

Yes. Due to the volume of students receiving scholarship support, specific fund information is not included in thank-you letter requests. However, we are happy to share the names of funds and stewardees. Please email

Donor Relations handles all communications with the stewardees of the endowed scholarship funds, while Financial Aid manages all of the financial aid packages. All inquiries into the specifics of a financial aid package should be directed to or 216.368.4530.

Just as we keep student information confidential, we maintain our commitment to donors and keep their contact information private. Some of Case Western Reserve's scholarship stewardees express an interest in meeting with or sending letters to the student recipients of their fund, in which case Donor Relations will reach out to you directly to discuss your preference.

Yes. Many students receive support from multiple endowed scholarship funds. To be sure all stewardees receive a letter from you, please share your thank-you note with Donor Relations using the instructions provided.