hands on piano keyboard with one hand on a Nintendo controller

88bit In Concert!


April 2 at 3:00 PM


Classic video game music performed as a piano concerto--88bit appeals to the gamer and kid in all of us, performing virtuosic note-for-note piano arrangements of the vintage Super Nintendo and other classic video game system soundtracks that you know and love, along with musical selections from some of the newer video games that your children are probably playing today.

88bit is the alter ego of Cleveland-based pianist, composer and recording artist, Rob Kovacs, one of the only pianists in the world to publicly perform some of these early game soundtracks outside of the games they were released in. Kovacs recreates early electronic music on the piano to bring you cool, never heard before renditions of video game music that are entertaining for children and adults alike.

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88bit - 2022 Game Audio Network Guild Music of the Year Medley


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