Production Info

mixing console
many different types of mics
a board with buttons and knobs for sound control
Cables and wires hanging on hooks on walls

The information below gives a glimpse into all of the technical amenities offered by the Maltz Performing Arts Center. A full technical package can be requested from Joe Piccolo at or by downloading the Technical Package.

Our facility features a dedicated sound booth, equipped with everything a recording engineer needs in order to create the highest quality audio recordings. Microphone placement is effortless and wide-ranging using the extensive collection of microphone stands and overhead Servoreeler lines. Likewise, signals coming from the stage are easily patched and routed using the Dante Controller software program. Our highlights and full inventory list include the following:

  • Record live events using ProTools software on our Apple MacBook Pro
  • Millennia preamps provide the absolutely highest quality incoming signals
  • Integrated Dante controller allows for immediate and flexible patching
  • The Yamaha DM1000 console is available for the mixing of live shows
  • Servoreelers located above our stage control both microphone and filament lines
  • ATC nearfield speakers provide recording engineers with superior monitoring

With an extensive and ever-expanding microphone collection, the Maltz Performing Arts Center can provide our customers with the flexibility to create the best audio possible. Whether it’s a high-profile speaker at the podium, a piano soloist encompassed by asymphony orchestra or a group of dynamic vocalists, the correct microphone is withineasy reach. Choosing reinforcement or recordingis easy; our microphones can cover any application. Common uses include:

  • Schoeps Colette Series microphones provided unparalleled recording quality
  • Shure Beta 87 Series wireless vocal microphones allow for freedom of movement
  • Sennheiser Evolution Series microphones combine high quality and flexibility
  • Audio-Technica gooseneck microphones capture the spoken voice at the podium
  • Earthworks Flexwand microphones define ease-of-use for groups of voices
  • Instrumentmicrophones from Shure, Sennheiser and AKG maximize options

The Maltz Performing Arts Center meets the challenge of sound reinforcement in a seven-sided hall with the very best equipment and technology. Typical event needs are met by the use of our in-house RANE audio program along with the installed D & B speaker system.Likewise,larger events that require much more power may call upon our Yamaha CL3 mixing console and even the outstanding Martin Sound line array units. These are some of our reinforcement highlights:

  • Front of House mixing is exceptional, using our Yamaha CL3 digital console
  • Fully integrated Dante Controller for effortless routing and patching of inputs
  • D & B Voice Lift sound system and amplifiers provide excellent sound quality
  • Choice of handheld, lavalier or countryman style Shure wireless microphones
  • Martin Soundfloor-mounted mini line array units for live bands or big events
  • Williams Sound Assisted Listening System for our hearing-impaired patrons

A full complement of fixed ETC Selador lighting fixtures blanket the Silver Hall stage with even, warm coverage along with side and front lighting provided by Source Four fixtures. Control is centralized via a Strand Neo lighting board featuring a flat touch screen panel and iPad remote.

The Maltz Performing Arts Center is equipped with the latest in camera and recording technology. Our facility allows clients to choose exactly how they wish to capture their event. We offer an entire range of possibilities; from a simple, single camera archival recording to a fully produced, multi-camera, dynamic video recording with the addition of live streaming, lower third graphics, special effects and post-production editing. Our highlights and full inventory list include the following:

  • Five Telemetrics 30x PTZ RoboEye cameras capture events from any angle
  • Integrated Grass Valley Director video switcher allows for seamless transitions
  • Superior recording results from our AJA Ki Pro and Crestron Capture HD Pro units
  • Distinct video presentations illuminated by Christie HD DLP laser projectors
  • Multiple sources effortlessly alternate via our Analog Way Seamless Switcher
  • Highest quality, portable Plura monitors onsite in a wide variety of sizes