An in-depth study of the human body

Students receive a comprehensive education in the anatomical sciences through a program that fosters professional and intellectual development. Our curriculum offers opportunities to blend classroom learning with hands-on experiences such as research and teaching.

Students gain extensive training in the macro- and microscopic structure of the entire human body through regional and systemic approaches that integrate virtual microscopy, problem-based learning, whole-body anatomical dissection and three-dimensional neuroanatomical imaging.

Download the MS in Applied Anatomy Brochure

  • The MS in Applied Anatomy program is geared toward students seeking a comprehensive education in the anatomical sciences.
  • The rigorous core curriculum helps students establish a solid foundation in human form and function upon which clinical knowledge can be built.
  • Elective courses provide flexibility in the curriculum, enabling students to focus their studies on individual interests. You can find the list here: Electives
  • Teaching opportunities help reinforce communication and mentoring skills as well as core content.
  • Students can explore topics outside of traditional classroom and laboratory settings through independent readings and educational or research projects.
  • The Non-thesis (Plan B) MS in Applied Anatomy degree is excellent preparation for subsequent studies in medicine, dentistry, nursing, or a career in teaching.
  • The Thesis (Plan A) MS in Applied Anatomy degree is an option for students with a keen interest research or who plan to pursue a PhD.
  • The MD/MS in Applied Anatomy program is an option available to students who have already been admitted to CWRU's MD program.