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Undergraduate Programs

Bioethics is a vibrant, interdisciplinary field engaging in the most important and cutting-edge ethical issues concerning biomedical research and the delivery of health care today. Medicine, law, philosophy, public policy, anthropology, psychology, and nursing are but a few of the disciplines that inform the debates currently raging in Bioethics. 

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Master's Degree Program

The Department's highly successful Master of Arts program in Bioethics and Medical Humanities emphasizes the multi- and interdisciplinary nature of the field. Since 1995, it has provided advanced training in bioethics for students and professionals who will encounter bioethical issues in the course of their primary careers. 

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Dual Degrees

The Department of Bioethics has established relationships throughout the university to offer students outstanding dual degree programs with Medicine, Nursing, Social Work, Law, Public Health, and Genetics.

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Study Abroad

Around the world, ethical issues in medicine and the life sciences are addressed in different ways, reflecting different cultural traditions and social systems. Gaining an appreciation for this international diversity is critical to students of bioethics around the world, and can be an illuminating intellectual experience.