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Ethical issues in medicine and the life sciences are addressed in different ways around the globe; reflective of different cultural traditions and social systems. Gaining an appreciation for this international diversity is critical to students of bioethics and can be an illuminating intellectual experience.

These 3-credit courses are open to all undergraduate and graduate students from Case Western Reserve University and no prerequisite courses are required.

Each course has a unique Bioethics and Medical Humanities focus, length of stay, and cost. Students are required to interview with the Bioethics Study Abroad Program Director as part of the application.

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The beach in Costa Rica.
Costa Rica

BETH 315C/415C: Health and Health Care: A Comparative Perspective: Costa Rica and the United States

Winter Break 2024-2025 (tentative)

Granada, Spain
Granada, Spain

BETH 315F/415F: Bioethics: Comparison in Bioethics, Spanish and American Perspectives on Health, Wellness, Medicine, and Culture 

May Abroad 2024 (confirmed)

A bridge in Amsterdam with lights on it.
The Netherlands (Course J)

BETH 315J/415J: Dutch Perspectives: Drugs, Detention, and Decriminalization

May Abroad 2024 (confirmed)

A river with boats in Amsterdam
The Netherlands (Course G)

BETH 315G/415G: The Netherlands: Death, Dying, and Euthanasia

Spring Break 2024 (confirmed)

Yellowstone National Park
US National Parks

BETH 315Y/4315Y: Environmental Ethics, Human Health, and The US National Parks

May Abroad 2025 (tentative)

Eiffel Tower in the background overlooking Paris, France
Paris, France

BETH 315D/415D: Culture and Bioethics in France

Spring Break 2025 (tentative)

Amsterdam bike and cannel
Amsterdam, The Netherlands

BETH 315A/415A: Women's Health and Public Health Ethics in The Netherlands

May Abroad 2025 (tentative)

Various Flags
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