Additional Facilities

Additional resources are available at NSLS-II to help users with sample preparation and characterization during their experiments at XFP. A partitioned sample preparation space (Figures 1 and 2) located on the beamline floor, downstream of the experimental hutch and control station, allows users to carry out time-sensitive sample preparation and processing tasks close to the X-ray hutch without needing to visit more distant user laboratories. This space is outfitted with two 8 foot long workbenches and ample storage space for laboratory consumables and endstation equipment. Major items of equipment include a precision analytical balance, an Eppendorf 5430R benchtop refrigerated centrifuge (rotors available for 1.5 – 2 mL microcentrifuge tubes and 96-well plates) and a BioTek Synergy H1M plate reader for carrying out dose-response assays and other spectroscopic characterization of samples.

For more complex sample preparation and storage activities, NSLS-II wet and dry user laboratories are available in Building 745 close to XFP. The 5LL06 wet lab provides access to, among other things, a cold room, refrigerators and -20°/-80° C freezers, ultrapure water systems, an incubator/shaker for cell culture, several centrifuges including a floor centrifuge, a fume hood, and ample bench space. The 5LL08 dry lab is available for other tasks, such as assembly and testing of endstation equipment and soldering. Access to this laboratory space is connected to users’ planned XFP experiments through the NSLS-II User Program.

Finally, the Case Center for Proteomics and Bioinformatics at CWRU maintains a suite of advanced mass spectrometry instrumentation and associated support infrastructure for analysis of X-ray footprinting data, which can be accessed by XFP users on a collaborative basis for their projects.

View of the front half of the XFP sample preparation area, showing large workbenches with supplies, a plate reader, and other equipment.

Figure 1. View of the XFP beamline sample preparation area showing workbenches, supplies, and assorted equipment, including a selection of single and multi-channel pipettes, mini benchtop centrifuges for spinning down samples, and a BioTek Synergy H1M plate reader.

View of the rear half of the XFP sample preparation area, showing cabinets and a benchtop refrigerated centrifuge

Figure 2. Another view of the XFP sample preparation area, showing a precision analytical balance, an Eppendorf 5430R centrifuge that is available for processing samples, and ample storage cabinets that contain user supplies and other experimental equipment.