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NSLS-II Resources

NSLS-II Home Page

NSLS-II Machine Status – 24 hour history of NSLS-II status

NSLS-II Operating Schedule – long-range schedule for NSLS-II operations

NSLS-II User Guide – comprehensive how-to guide to accessing NSLS-II as a user

Proposal Allocation, Safety, and Scheduling System (PASS) – one-stop system for submitting proposals and requests for beamtime, as well as experiment safety approval forms.

Structural Biology Program – group of five co-located NSLS-II life sciences beamlines for crystallography, scattering, and X-ray footprinting.

Center for BioMolecular Structure (CBMS) – NIH and DOE-BER funded center enabling access to and support for crystallography, scattering, and bio-imaging at NSLS-II.

Laboratory for BioMolecular Structure (LBMS) – NY State and DOE-BER funded center for a cryo-EM user facility adjacent to NSLS-II

NSLS-II User Laboratories – laboratories for sample preparation and other work at NSLS-II

Brookhaven National Laboratory Resources

BNL Home Page

Guest, User, and Visitor Center – point of contact for BNL access for users and visitors, including facility user agreements.

Guide to BNL – comprehensive guide for visitors to support facilities at BNL

Case Western Reserve University

CWRU Home Page

School of Medicine

Case Center for Proteomics and Bioinformatics