One to One @ Veale

Veale Center exercise room

The friendly, professional, and knowledgeable staff from CWRU’s One to One Fitness Center now manage the weight room, cardio room, and Donnell Pool in Veale Center. Our fitness professionals are here to assist you in making the most of your workout in providing a clean and safe environment for exercise. Meet our staff.

Welcome to One to One Fitness @ Veale

A warm welcome to CWRU students and employees! We look forward to helping you meet your fitness goals. One to One Fitness @Veale exercise spaces are open to CWRU students and employees, Veale Center guests, and One to One Fitness members who are attending group fitness classes. One to One Fitness members may also use the Veale Center if they are working with one of our personal trainers. 

Challenge Yourself with Master’s Swim

The Master’s Swim program is a guided swim practice open to swimmers of intermediate skill or better designed for swimmers looking to be challenged, former swim team members and triathletes. All ages are welcome. Knowledge of the 4 strokes and flip turns are strongly recommended. Sessions are similar to an open swim team practice and will include between 1000-4500 years including warm up, drill sets, kicking, pulling, a main set and cool down. *Please note, the group is not currently registered with the US Swimming Masters and cannot compete as a team. Learn more about our master's swim options.