Silver Sneakers, Healthways & HealthSpan

One to One Fitness is currently providing FREE memberships to eligible Silver Sneakers, Healthways Prime participants! Not sure if you're eligible? Call us at 216.368.1121 or contact your healthcare provider for more info. Simply present your 16-digit Prime or Silvers Sneakers ID card or number (not your insurance card) at the front desk to get started with your membership.

Effective Jan. 1st, HealthSpan insurance is offering free memberships through their Healthways Prime Fitness program.  121 Fitness is a proud participant in this program!  Participants simply need to provide their 16-digit Healthways Prime number to start their membership.

Families can Join for Free too! Each HealthSpan participant will have a separate 16-digit Prime Fitness/Healthways number. If the family members is not covered by HealthSpan, the significant other or child can join for $49/month for the first dependent and $10 for each additional dependent. *Families are significant others who live together and children must be between 15-22 years old. Those over 23 years old are considered single members.