Tivity, Silversneakers, Prime, Renew Active & AARP Memberships

One to One Fitness accepts Tivity's SilverSneakers and Prime, Renew Active and AARP Supplemental participants! Through your insurance, you receive discounted or completely covered access to One to One Fitness AND Next Level Fitness Studio.

Families can Join for Free, too! If eligible, family members could be included with your discounted or free membership. If the family member is not covered by HealthSpan, the significant other or child can join for $49/month for the first dependent and $10 for each additional dependent.

*Families are significant others who live together and children must be between 15-22 years old. Those over 23 years old are considered single members. 

Contact us with any questions about your eligibility at onetoone@case.edu or call 216-368-1121.